Reflections about Choice, Personal Performance and Online Business

Step 1: Tame the Tech


Hey, it’s Tom Teague here. I want to talk today about online technologies and the fact that so many of us as entrepreneurs get frustrated with, with the complexity of the technology, and it just seems to take so much time.

And I just wanted to briefly do a screen share with you and go through kind of how I was feeling when I was first confronting this problem;

When I first started looking at online technology, and I'm sure you've probably had this problem, too, is that there are so many different technologies, so many things you can do online to support your business. And then there are so many choices for each of these technologies. And so what happens is you have many technologies and many choices, and it quickly leads to overwhelm.

Now I've been through a lot of online marketing, training and so forth. But and there are lots of things you can do different marketing approaches, different technologies, different ways. You can set up web pages, and emails and sequences and...

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How is it that we create our own reality?


Today I want to share a hugely helpful shift in perspective that I learned when I was writing my book. 

One of the questions I was asking myself at the time was – How is it that we create our own reality?

It was a several years long quest reading lots of spirituality books to find the answer that question.

And to synthesize all that reading, as the starting premise in my book, I observed that as human beings we experience life in two large categories – PHYSICAL and NONPHYSICAL.

Physical refers to the obvious things that we talk about mostly – what we experience and do in the physical world. These things are things that Science explains well because things are measurable.

Nonphysical refers to the unseen world of thoughts, ideas, and information which we experience internally and is not well explained by Science because these things are not measurable.

I was reading spirituality literature and writing my book at a period in my career where I was working at...

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Breaking through the chrysalis to the next chapter in your life


Today is Day 1 of a “Be Seen” challenge that my coach is encouraging me to do. Over the next 30 days I’m going to be talking to you via Facebook Live about several topics that I’m interested in that may also be interesting to you. I'm also going to post them here on my blog.

I’ve been re-inventing myself for the last 5-6 years, but it’s mostly been hidden from view, and I want to become more open and more public so that you can “see me” and start getting to know me better.  

Today I start an online public process of “coming out” of the shell that I’ve been hiding in – because I want to share my journey with you, sharing insights I’ve gained in the hope that they will be useful to you.

The main topics that I’m interested in and want to share more about include:

My Book – Awaken to Choice to help you create a live of inner peace, joy and happiness by helping you to change your...

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