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Are you following the 9/90 Rule of Engagement?


Does the design of your website grab your visitor’s attention?

You may not realize this, but in today’s fast-moving world of shifting attention spans you’ve got no more than 9 seconds to get someone’s attention.

If your home page, social media post, email, or landing page is not interesting to your audience in 9 seconds, then they’re gone, quickly moving on to something else, and chances are they won’t be back.

A lost opportunity for you … and for them.

To make your online platform interactive and engaging, your job is to design it to engage your audience in one or more online conversations that are important and interesting to them. It’s important to do this a few seconds after they “land” there.

These are conversations they are already having with themselves about problems, issues, or aspirations that concern them.  The first step in designing your online conversation is to ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who are my...
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