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How do you tell people about your book?

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That was the question that triggered my entry into what I now call Internet Marketing Grad School. 

In my last article, I concluded that “if you’re going to make a career out of your book, chances are you’re going to need some higher priced products or services to sell, like online courses, or coaching programs."

My first year experiences in Internet Marketing Grad School included reading Brendon Burchard’s #1 New York Times Best Selling Book: The Millionaire Messenger, watching his Expert’s Academy course on DVDs (now available online), and attending his four-day live event, Expert’s Academy.

Brendon, who self-identifies as an author and a trainer in personal development and online marketing, taught me in Expert’s Academy about an emerging “expert industry” as a new career possibility for anyone who has knowledge and expertise in a subject area and is interested in teaching it to others. You can create a business by selling your expertise through books, online and offline speaking and training, conducting live events, and offering coaching and mastermind programs.

With his Expert’s Academy online course and live event bundle priced at $1,997 and attended by 800 people at a single live event, the sales revenue, before expenses, works out to $1.6 million, proving the validity of the title of his book, The Millionaire Messenger. At his live event, he offered other related online products as well as the opportunity to participate in his mastermind program.

At that time Brendon defined an “expert” as someone who was an author, speaker, trainer, coach or online marketer. More recently, the term expert has morphed into “thought leader” because of the rise in social media of thought leaders who have thousands, and even millions of followers.

You may start into this industry identifying yourself with one of the expert roles, such as I did, thinking of myself as a new author and possibly a coach. But, when you go down this career path, it is reasonably likely that you will become all of these thought leader roles in varying degrees – author, speaker, trainer, consultant, coach, online marketer, and an online community leader.

Attending Expert’s Academy was inspiring to me at the time, because it opened the possibility of creating a new career teaching the principles of my book Awaken to Choice.

The lingering question on leaving Expert’s Academy was: What exactly did Brendon do to become successful at his new career as an expert and thought leader?

I have some more things to say about that in coming articles ... stay tuned.

To your online success!


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