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Tom Teague, PhD

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“Finally! A system that has the exact steps to follow to create success! Bravo, Tom Teague! This book is a great investment and will save you tons of time, effort, and  headaches.”

— Diane Halfman, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, and Host of the Live Your SPAlife podcast

“Pivoting to a successful online business is not as simple as most experts have led me to believe. Tom’s book untangles, clarifies, and provides an accurate roadmap for online business success.”

— Dave Loney, The Leaders’ Coach and Author of Emotional Fitness for Men

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Do you want to use online technology to increase visibility, attract leads and customers, generate sales, and create positive results for your customers?

Online Business Success for Thought Leaders offers exciting possibilities for thought leaders on a mission to make a positive difference for others by sharing their wisdom and experience. Using online technology, you can meet and serve thousands to millions of people while creating a fulfilling, sustainable business.

How do you create a successful strategy that saves you time and money?

Use these four systematic foundational steps to achieve online business success:

  1.  Clarifying Business Strategy
  2. Selecting Systems
  3. Creating Online Assets
  4. Sprinting to Success

Tom has successfully used this practical, proven, four-step system to teach and coach six- and seven-fi gure thought leader entrepreneurs. You can use what you learn in this book to create the online business of your dreams in a matter of a few months, not years!



is an online business coach. He spent more than thirty years in a traditional corporate career leading software development teams to support collaborating engineering communities within large organizations like Exxon and NASA.

Today, Tom combines this practical, experienced perspective for building software systems with modern online marketing and sales skills to show thought leaders a systematic way to create and deliver value for their communities using their online business systems.

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    • 6-part video summary - save time to get the main ideas
    • 6-part podcast interviews with Success InSight 
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“Finally! A system that has the exact steps to follow to create success! Bravo, Tom Teague! With Tom’s book, you build your system tactically, one piece at a time. Each piece satisfies a specific short-term business goal. And each goal is a step toward achieving a clear, long-term strategy. More importantly, Tom gives you clear, step-by-step instructions for things like leveraging your time through automation for each online asset you create, enabling you to scale up to serve more clients. This book is a great investment and will save you tons of time, effort, and headaches.”

— Diane Halfman, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, and Host of the Live Your SPAlife podcast.

“Pivoting to a successful online business is not as simple as most experts have led me to believe. I have been successfully coaching business leaders and teams for more than thirty years, but I was unprepared for understanding the critical elements of this transition. The tactical online marketing training I took prior to working with Tom did not paint the whole picture and left me puzzled in the weeds of execution. Tom has synthesized the important strategies and the tactics into a comprehensive and realistic plan. Online Business Success for Thought Leaders untangles and clarifies, providing an accurate roadmap for online business success. Thanks, Tom!”

— Dave Loney, The Leaders’ Coach, Author of Emotional Fitness for Men

“Tom had the right background for what I needed. We had parallel IT paths, and we had learned from many of the same gurus through what he calls ‘Internet Marketing Grad School.’ I could use him as both sparring partner and Chief Tech Officer (CTO) or what Digital Marketers and others call ‘fractional executive.’ CTOs aren’t cheap, but shiny objects are much more expensive. As Tom correctly says, lots of people out there can help you with the tactics. Tom wanted this to be a ‘roadmap,’ but it has so many layers it’s more like a travel companion and handbook for building a business infrastructure without spending a fortune. This is expert advice, and Tom shares his fascinating personal experiences, dead-end streets, and learnings. He’s a generous person, a great listener and coach. Most importantly, his stuff actually works. Take my word for it.”

— Paul O. Olson, Dr. Psych, MBA, Owner/Chairman of Nordic Heads, and Executive Director of Green Mentors™

“If it weren’t for Tom Teague’s skillful expertise in intricate website building, I would not have the business I have today. He took a complex platform and simplified it for me so I could manage it independently. His training provided me the support I needed while building out online programs and virtual events. Thanks to Tom I have become empowered in streamlining my business to reach more people!”

— Christine Gail, Best-Selling Author of Unleash Your Rising, Book Publishing Coach

Online Business Success for Thought Leaders is the book I wish I had when I was first starting as a coach! It is filled with practical advice and real-world examples to help coaches start with a sound foundation. I often see so many experts selling coaches on ‘tactics’ while completely forgetting the need for a complete system aligned with their values and skills. I’ve seen hundreds of very talented people eventually give up in complete frustration after years of delay and tens of thousands of dollars wasted on these isolated strategies. Tom is one of the survivors of what he calls ‘Internet Marketing School.’ This book’s wisdom can make sure you are one of the success stories!”

— Robert Murray, Co-Founder of the Group Coaching Breakthrough Mastermind and High Performance Coach

“Tom Teague has been a pleasure to work with as my online business coach. Tom has been very insightful as I have navigated from my position and career as CEO of Innovative Commercial Environments to creating an online business. My new career as an author and keynote speaker will allow me to share my passion in teaching other CEOs how to implement the practical application of conscious capitalism principles. Tom’s insights opened new possibilities, directions, and strategies that I had not thought of. He has

become an indispensable asset for me with this new venture. I have found Tom to be deeply knowledgeable, thoughtful, helpful, and patient in navigating the sometimes-murky waters of setting up an online business. If you are an author, speaker, or coach who is looking to expand your business online, then Online Business Success for Thought Leaders is a comprehensive and practical roadmap that you can use. I highly recommend it!”

— DeLinda Forsythe, CEO of Innovative Commercial Environments (ICE), Author of Inspiring Generational Leadership

“If you’re sincere about building an online business, you must read and use the concepts in this book.”

— Jack Rand, Strategic Business Coach and Author of Secrets of a Strategic Business Coach

“I love that Tom has created a book that breaks down exactly what to do to create a successful online business! His book not only explains things in an easy-to-understand way, but it can also be used as a reference book for specific topics while you are implementing your online business system, one small project at a time! Tom’s intention for you is clear—for you to achieve online business success faster! When you use Online Business Success for Thought Leaders, you’ll be able to do exactly that!”

— Kerry Mensior,  Communications Mastery Trainer 

“Navigating the ins and outs of a successful online business is a time consuming, often frustrating experience. For the coach, author, or speaker, website building may not be something they want to spend a lot of time on. Online Business Success for Thought Leaders is a book written by a man who wished he had this book when he started his own online business. It will get you started and help you realize what you can do and what you would be better off letting someone else do for you. Altogether, it will make your life easier so you can focus on what you are truly good at—helping others!”

— Tyler R. Tichelaar, PhD and Award-Winning Author of The Nomad Editor: Living the Lifestyle You Want, Doing Work You Love

“Tom Teague’s Online Business Success for Thought Leaders is an extremely valuable resource for entrepreneurs. As a former software manager, Tom brings his knowledge of technology, business, software, and marketing into an organized process that is clear and understandable. Many entrepreneurs and small business owners struggle with how to get their marketing content, software platforms, and sales processes all working in a coordinated fashion. Tom’s book lays out the right steps to follow to take your business technology and marketing funnel from frustration to flow. Tom worked with me for several months in 2020 to set up my website, online course, and marketing on Kajabi, and his expertise, skills at coaching, and encouragement were greatly appreciated. I walked through the process with him that he lays out in his book. So, I can highly recommend Online Business Success for Thought Leaders to every business owner who has been overwhelmed by the technology/marketing/software puzzle. Read Tom’s book and get clarity, understanding, and a successful plan to move forward.”

— Richelle Wiseman, Book Writing Coach and Host of Buzz on the Book Biz Podcast

“Tom played an instrumental role in helping me set up my online business. Not only did Tom help me figure out what I needed to do to sell my book and set up my blog on my website, but he also helped me come up with my strategy and an implementation plan

for the big picture of how I would attract my ideal readers to my website. Tom helped me think through the entire customer journey and prioritize what I needed to do first. No matter what industry or customer you are trying to reach with your business, I highly recommend working with Tom to come up with an implementation plan for the big picture.”

— Erin Elise Kiu, Blogger at Fun & Holy and Author of One Transforming Love

“This book is excellent! It is a complete road map to your success in building an online business. It presents a no-nonsense way to build a business plan in simple, easy steps. A must read for those who have or want to start an online business.”

— Mike Reedy, Author of Breaking the Compatibility Code and Founder of The Ultimate Social Network