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Your online platform is a custom-built interactive software system!

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That is the big aha that I had a couple of years ago.

I built custom software systems for ExxonMobil and NASA to support collaborative engineering communities in my 30+ year traditional corporate career as a software development manager. In my current career as an entrepreneur, I have recognized that I work with other thought leader entrepreneur business owners to build their custom software systems – otherwise known as their online business platforms!

The difference is that today we generally don’t need to write code to build these systems, and we don’t need skilled programmers to build our online business platforms, but it can still seem overwhelmingly complex at times to put together your online platform. And if you are struggling with this, you are not alone.

The reason many of us have struggled with how to build an online business successfully is that we have been trying to do one tactical thing or another based on what we learned at our latest seminar. But, at that seminar, we may not be clear about how the tactic that we learned fits into a picture of a whole system of fulfilling a strategic approach to develop relationships with prospective customers and clients.   

The result is we have been approaching building our systems piecemeal and tactically, but not strategically. As a result, over time, our systems get complex, expensive, and can be a bit overwhelming to manage and link together and keep everything working.

Software project managers and their development teams combat complexity and uncertainty of systems by using a project management approach that is called “agile” software development.

Building your online system becomes much simpler using the agile approach because using that approach you just build your system one step at a time always aligned to achieving a specific business goal in the short term, tactically, but also aligned with achieving a clear longer term business strategy.

I developed the Online Business Success System™ to help you create and manage your online business systems both strategically and tactically. There are four major steps:

  1. Clarifying Business Strategy
  2. Selecting Systems
  3. Creating Online Assets
  4. Sprinting to Success

I’m currently writing a book about this, and I am sharing excerpts of that book here, but if you want to get a “quick start” on learning how this approach can save you loads of time and frustration, please come to my live workshop – Accelerate Your Online Success 5 Day Challenge.

To your online success!


If you want to get started now learning about my online business success system, you can start here for free: Accelerate Your Online Success