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Creating Online Assets

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Creating online assets is step 3 of the Online Business Success System.

Now that you have designed the customer journey  in Step 1, and selected the systems to support the customer journey in Step 2, you can start creating and building the online assets needed to support your customer journey as Step 3.

What are online assets? They include all the content you produce (written, images, audios, and videos), the various types of web pages, forms, and emails that you create to interact with your audience in online and offline conversations, customer databases, and online products.

Specifically, your online assets will typically include the following:

  1. Social media pages
  2. Website (home, about, contact, resources)
  3. Blog, Vlog, Podcast
  4. Marketing pages and emails (funnels, webinars, launches, affiliate support)
  5. Online appointment calendars
  6. Sales pages
  7. Payment pages
  8. Online products (membership sites requiring customer login)
  9. Live events and workshops (either in-person or virtual)

When you list it all out it is natural to think of creating online assets as complex and expensive. Yes, it involves both cash outlay expenses and it requires your time to produce the content.

All this could be looked at as a necessary expense to be minimized. I find it more helpful to think of the online systems you build as your business assets. You invest both time and money in building them, and over time they help you support and scale your business and produce a return on investment.

Your online assets are the way you meet people online, build a relationship with them, and help them solve problems. Some of the people you meet will become your customers and provide business revenue in return for the value you provide, providing fuel for your business and for your customers to solve their problems.

Creating online assets is a core business activity and it is the way that you connect with your audience and deliver value.

As you create more assets, they become the source of multiple streams of revenue for your business. You will grow both your online assets and your business revenues over time.

To your online success!


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