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Designing Your Thought Leader Business - BYOB Monday

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Who are the thought leaders and what do they do? What are the steps to setting up a thought leader business? If you are an author, speaker, coach, consultant, or trainer, or if you are thinking about building a business using your expertise and experience to help others, then this will get you started.

Who are the thought leaders?

People who influence others through their expertise and experience.

  • Authors
  • Speakers
  • Trainers
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Mentors

What do thought leaders do?

Thought leaders create and deliver content that educates, inspires, and supports a community to overcome challenges and achieve aspirational goals.

What does a business do?

  • Attract Customers
  • Serve Customers

Core Business Functions for any Business

  • Marketing (attract prospective customers, or leads) (CMO)
  • Sales (enroll leads to become customers)
  • Operations and Customer Support (deliver value to customers) (COO)

Support Business Functions for any Business

  • Strategic Planning (CEO)
  • Financial Systems (CFO)
  • Information Systems (CIO)
  • Personnel Performance (HR Manager)

Solo Entrepreneurs get to serve as the entire C-suite!

A thought leader business creates content for a community in the following ways

  • Creates free content to support a large community of interest in your topic
  • Engages in marketing and sales conversations with the community of interest to create a customer community
  • Creates purchased content for the customer community
  • Engages in customer conversations to deliver value and create positive impact by helping customers solve problems and achieve aspirational goals

Online Business Systems enable you to:

  1. Create and publish free content to create a community of interest (followers) 
  2.  Create and interactively engage with a community of interest
  3.  Engage in marketing and sales conversations with your community of interest who are interested in working with you. 
  4. Create a customer community by selling access to purchased content - newsletters, online training, live classes, live events, 1:1 and group coaching services, online communities, etc.
  5.  Engaging with your customer community to deliver value and create positive impact 

One of the challenges thought leaders face is how to pay for and learn how to use online systems to support their business. This is the challenge I help thought leaders overcome.

I can show you how to avoid years of wasted effort, frustration, and thousands of dollars by sharing a strategy with you on how you can incorporate online systems into your business and be able to pay for the technology costs in as little as 30 days. 

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One of the key lessons I have learned through my 40+ years of building software systems is that you must first be clear on what you want the system to do for you. 

To that end, here are some questions to ponder for your own thought leader business as you think about using online systems to support you. Pull out your journal and complete the following sentences.


  1. The topic area I am most passionate and knowledgeable about is ...
  2. The problems I help people in my community solve are ...
  3. The goals the people in my community have are ...


  1. The people who will be most interested in my topic areas are likely to be ...
  2. The places where I can meet this community in person are ...
  3. The social media platforms where my community hangs out are ...


  1. The problems my community is most interested in solving and engaging with me are ...
  2. The goals my community members most want to achieve are ...

I look forward to seeing you at my next FREE Build Your Online Business Mondays and in my Achieving Online Profits in 30 Days LIVE Workshop.

To your online success!

Tom Teague, PhD, Online Business Coach

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