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Ever wanted to write a book?

I've been thinking about it off and on for the last year or so, but I always manage to put it off.

Since yesterday was the mid-point for 2020, I had quarterly planning on the agenda, and by the end of the day I decided. Yep, it's time!

And so, once again, as I did once before, I am adding that early morning hour that I used in writing my first book to start writing my next book, starting this morning!

Last time, I was writing about an engineer's perspective on human spirituality, created as an analysis and synthesis of a 6-year deep dive into spirituality literature and personal introspection about that topic. See Awaken To Choice: An Ungodly Appoach to Creating Heaven on Earth

Learning about how to market books launched me into another deep dive into online marketing. 

This time, I am writing about an engineer's perspective about online business, created as an analysis and synthesis of my 5-year deep dive into "internet marketing grad school" and integrating that...

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