Tame the Tech


Hey, it’s Tom Teague here. I want to talk today about online technologies and the fact that so many of us as entrepreneurs get frustrated with, with the complexity of the technology, and it just seems to take so much time.

And I just wanted to briefly do a screen share with you and go through kind of how I was feeling when I was first confronting this problem;

When I first started looking at online technology, and I'm sure you've probably had this problem, too, is that there are so many different technologies, so many things you can do online to support your business. And then there are so many choices for each of these technologies. And so what happens is you have many technologies and many choices, and it quickly leads to overwhelm.

Now I've been through a lot of online marketing, training and so forth. But and there are lots of things you can do different marketing approaches, different technologies, different ways. You can set up web pages, and emails and sequences and funnels, and webinars and launches. And there's just so many different ways of doing things. And to me, it felt like trying to put together a puzzle without the box top picture.

Last year, I realized based on my background building software systems, that an online business system is a lot like building a custom software system, which is something I've done for 30 years in my corporate career. So, I came up with the three-step agile business success system last year. And basically my goal is to help entrepreneurs transform online overwhelm into online business success. And the first part of this system is I what I call it Tame the Tech

And so I just wanted to talk about taming the tech. When you have all these different systems that do different things, and we kind of get this initial advice from a lot of people will “Just use WordPress" for your website, because it's free.

And then you discover that WordPress doesn't do everything you need.

It doesn't handle email automation, it doesn't handle marketing pages that well, it doesn't handle delivery of online courses, unless you start buying plugins or you buy online deliver free services for online training courses.

And you buy a different system for handling emails and maybe by a different system for handling the market marketing pages. And pretty soon you're into spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to put all these pieces together like I was saying, trying to put this puzzle together without the box top picture.

So the video that I was working on today was actually an update for a 30 minute video I've had on my website for a little while.

This video shows you why "Start with WordPress" is Bad Advice.  I also have a free download of a worksheet you can use to figure out what your online technology is costing you and what your options are.

You'll see the reason why we get into all this complexity. And it happens over a period of time. We all do this. And in that video I want to share with you a solution that I'm excited about. I've known about for about the last year or so.

I'm going to sign off for now and so I say, just go ahead and visit StreamlineYour Systems.com. There is no opt-in required to watch the video, and I think you'll find it really interesting!



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