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How is it that we create our own reality?

awaken to choice

Today I want to share a hugely helpful shift in perspective that I learned when I was writing my book. 

One of the questions I was asking myself at the time was – How is it that we create our own reality?

It was a several years long quest reading lots of spirituality books to find the answer that question.

And to synthesize all that reading, as the starting premise in my book, I observed that as human beings we experience life in two large categories – PHYSICAL and NONPHYSICAL.

Physical refers to the obvious things that we talk about mostly – what we experience and do in the physical world. These things are things that Science explains well because things are measurable.

Nonphysical refers to the unseen world of thoughts, ideas, and information which we experience internally and is not well explained by Science because these things are not measurable.

I was reading spirituality literature and writing my book at a period in my career where I was working at NASA.  At NASA, my job was to help contribute to NASA’s mission to EXPLORE OUTER SPACE - PHYSICAL. 

At home, my mission was to EXPLORE INNER SPACE - NONPHYSICAL. What goes on inside us as human beings? How is that we think and experience the world from the inside?

In my book, I wanted to write about our INNER SPACE, NONPHYSICAL experiences as human beings and to do so in a rational, common-sense language that did not require any specific beliefs about religion or new age woo-woo.

So: How do we create our own reality? 

The answer, as shown in the second part of my book is that WE ARE ALL CREATORS.

As human beings we are inherently creators. You may not think of yourself as creative, but you ARE.

We ALL ARE. We create our own experiences of the OUTER WORLD through our INNER WORLD thoughts and choices.

As creators, we are always solving problems and seeking a life with more joy and satisfaction.

We do this by transforming the non-physical world of thoughts, ideas, and information into the physical expression of those things through the choices we make INSIDE and the actions we take OUTSIDE.

THAT is how we create our own reality.

As entrepreneurs, we are creators and problem-solvers and we serve others by transforming our NON-PHYSICAL ideas into “real world” PHYSICAL services and products that serve others.

You are indeed the creator of your own reality through your inner world choices.

What reality are you choosing to create today?