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Power Up Your Coaching Business!

Are you a talented coach facing these problems?

  • You wish more people knew what you could do, so you could help
  • You wish you were being paid more 
  • Your coach training program taught you great coaching skills, but did NOT equip you with the knowledge you need to create a thriving business

That was my story too! I loved the coaching part, but I didn't know all the things I needed to know to create a profitable business. It's a sad truth that most trained coaches fail to make their living coaching.

My mission is to change that, because coaches make a tremendous positive impact working with their clients.

Discover the 8 Success Factors You Need to Know to create a Profitable Coaching Business 

Power Up Your Coaching Business

The 8 Success Factors of a Profitable Coaching Business 

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Hi, I'm Tom...

I believe YOU can make a positive difference in people's lives... 

  • By helping others with your unique talents
  • By sharing a positive, inspiring message that others can use
  • By making a real difference in the quality of others' lives.


But, you find yourself saying things like ...

  • "I feel invisible! Not enough people know me."
  • "I need more leads and I don't know how."
  • "Online tech is too complicated."
  • "Online tech is overwhelming."
  • "Online tech won't work for my business."
  • "I paid a lot of money for a website, and it's not generating any new leads or sales." 
  • "Online tech takes too much time and effort."

Let's get your online tech working for you!

We'll have a friendly conversation and see how we can help you achieve your mission, grow your business and serve others in a bigger way.

I'll even do a free review of your current online business platform and offer you some ideas to engage more clients and increase your impact. 

Power Up Your Coaching Business!


is an online business coach, Kajabi Expert, and best-selling author of Online Business Success for Thought Leaders: Create Visibility for Positive Impact.

Tom spent more than thirty years in a traditional corporate career leading software development teams. His teams created and supported multiple software systems for collaborating engineering communities within large organizations like Exxon and NASA. 

During his career, he led joint-industry efforts to develop technical data exchange standards to enable the process and construction industry to collaboratively design and build large complex capital facilities more efficiently

For the last eight years, Tom has been combining this practical, experienced perspective for building software systems with his knowledge of Kajabi and modern online marketing and sales skills to work with coaches, consultants, authors, and speakers. Tom collaborates with his clients to help them achieve their dreams more rapidly by applying his proven, systematic, step-by-step approach to building their supporting online systems. 

What You Can Expect Working with Tom...

Diane Halfman

“Finally! A system that has the exact steps to follow to create success! ...you build your system tactically, one piece at a time. Each piece satisfies a specific short-term business goal. And each goal is a step toward achieving a clear, long-term strategy. ...His book is a great investment and will save you tons of time, effort, and headaches.”

— Diane Halfman, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, and Host of the Live Your SPAlife podcast.

Dr. Paul O. Olson

“Tom had the right background for what I needed. We had parallel IT paths, and we had learned from many of the same gurus through what he calls ‘Internet Marketing Grad School.’ Tom wanted this to be a ‘roadmap,’ but it has so many layers it’s more like a travel companion and handbook for building a business infrastructure without spending a fortune. He’s a generous person, a great listener and coach. Most importantly, his stuff actually works. Take my word for it.”

— Paul O. Olson, Dr. Psych, MBA, Owner/Chairman of Nordic Heads, and Executive Director of Green Mentors™

Christine Gail

“If it weren’t for Tom Teague’s skillful expertise in intricate website building, I would not have the business I have today. He took a complex platform and simplified it for me so I could manage it independently. His training provided me the support I needed while building out online programs and virtual events. Thanks to Tom I have become empowered in streamlining my business to reach more people!”

— Christine Gail, Best-Selling Author of Unleash Your Rising, Book Publishing Coach

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