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... serving entrepreneurs in their missions to engage and serve others online

Philosophy & Mission

On the importance of conscious choice ...

Having extensively read the world's spiritual masters, and having written the book "Awaken To Choice: An Ungodly Approach to Creating Heaven on Earth! to synthesize what I learned about human spirituality, I believe that, when all is said and done, we create the lives we choose. The challenge for us as human beings is to become conscious of the choices we are making every day. I believe we can create, design and build the lives we want through conscious choice!

On the importance of interactive, engaging software systems ...

Having been educated with a PhD in Chemical Engineering and having spent over 30 years designing and building interactive software systems for large organizations like Exxon and NASA  I have seen that software systems create value by solving problems for people and organizations. Therefore, we can improve the way we serve others by great software designs!

Observing how entrepreneurs struggle with online software systems ...

As entrepreneurs, we are seeking to consciously create both the lives and businesses we want, and we need to design and build interactive, engaging online software systems to have the broader impact that we want to create in the world!

Having spent the last few years with service-based entrepreneurs (coaches, consultants, professional service providers, authors, speakers, and trainers) in "Internet Marketing Grad School" I have observed that many of us struggle with building online business systems to support our businesses, because no one has been teaching that setting up an online business is like building a custom software system.

Social media, websites and the online business systems they integrate with are, in fact, custom software systems designed to create a user experience to interactively engage with social media and website visitors, nurture and build relationships with them using email messages and online content, produce a steady stream of leads and customers into a sales process, and then deliver your private online expertise and content to your customers.

What can be done about helping entrepreneurs with this?

Service-based entrepreneurs hire me to help them to finally “tame their tech.” We do this by working together to design and build online systems that align with your business goals. Using a series of small achievable projects, we incrementally build only the systems you need that will help you achieve your business goals.

Depending on your needs, I consult, coach and train you using a systematic approach that I call the Online Business Success System, which i recently published in my latest book:  Online Business Success for Thought Leaders - Create Visibility for Positive Impact.

This is my mission...

I work with coaches, consultants, authors, speakers and trainers to create a positive impact in the world by developing highly-engaging, interactive online software systems that align with and support their business goals.


Some clients I have worked with include (with links to their websites):

Professional Services Offered

  • Online Business Success Strategies - Includes a premier edition of my book (Paperback, PDF, Kindle, and Audio), online training courses for the book and twice monthly live group coaching to help you clarify your online business strategies.  
  • Online Business Success Lab including 3x per month live, virtual hands-on implementation labs (3 hour working sessions) you can use to build your online business platform through a series of sprints - small scope projects directly aligned to business goals.  This is "Do It With You" coaching where we build your online business together. You get guidance from me to develop the hands-on skills that you need to build and maintain your online platform aligned to your business strategy.
  • Choice Digital Professional Services Projects - improve and upgrade your online presence with defined scope projects which are done-for-you collaborative consulting services projects.
  • Virtual CTO - Professional Services - part time "chief technology officer" for your business. I work with business owners to handle online business systems and technology management needs.
  • Certified High Performance Coaching™ either one on one or group coaching using Brendon Burchard's 12-session Certified High Performance coaching program (12 sessions can be done over 4-6 months or one year at your choice). Ideal for entrepreneurs who are looking to uplevel their own performance and achieve greater levels of satisfaction in achieving personal and professional goals.

What Clients Can Expect

Sheryl Roush, President, San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance

"Our new SDPCA website, re-designed as an online business platform using Kajabi, is a quantum leap for our organization and its potential. Through his work, Tom has positioned our organization for global exposure! Tom is easy to work with, insightful, professional and certainly knows his stuff! 

   Dr. Paul O. Olson - Management Consultant and Executive Coach

"From personal experience I absolutely recommend Tom. He not only knows Kajabi, but also integrates ideas from leaders like Brendon Burchard, Frank Kern, Jeff Walker and DigitalMarketer/Ryan Deiss in his consulting."

 Howard Fox, Business Coach and Creator of Linked Goldmine Formula

"I have known Tom for 3 years and have appreciated his expertise in planning and building online systems. In 2018, to simplify things, I wanted to consolidate my separate website, landing pages, and email marketing systems onto a single platform using Kajabi. With Tom's guidance in the upfront planning, during the consolidation, and occasionally stepping in when needed, I was able to consolidate my online systems onto Kajabi in a matter of a few weeks. Thanks Tom!"

 Kathryn Dager, MA, President, Profitivity Inc.

"Dr. Tom Teague has been a great coach for us at Profitivity for several months.  If you have a challenge or want masterful guidance, he will dive deeply into his vast knowledge and resources and provide great solutions.  He is also consistently adding to his products and services so he can better serve his clients.  Thank you Tom for all of your support!"


Read additional client reviews about my book Online Business Success for Thought Leaders 



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