Online Coaches Alliance Community Guidelines

The Online Coaches Alliance Community is here to support you in sharing, learning, and supporting each other in a spirit of positive collaboration as we support each other in creating thriving coaching and consulting businesses that make a positive difference in others' lives.

We request that you follow the guidelines below when using the Online Coaches Alliance Community. 

What IS allowed in this Community

Positive, Safe Environment

In the OCA Community, we stand behind respect, inclusivity, acceptance, and positivity for all individuals. 

  • Treat each other with kindness, courtesy, respect, and positive, collaborative intention.
  • Good vibes only. No trolls, spam, or violence.
  • Predicated on respect. No name-calling or harassment.
  • Everyone is included, everyone belongs. No bullying or shaming.
  • Zero tolerance for hate, solicitation, nudity, or discrimination.
  • Positivity enforcement. Offenders are subject to immediate removal from the platform
  • Honor confidentiality if requested. Use the Direct Messaging feature of Private Live Rooms for information you want to share with an individual but not with the larger community.

Sharing Links

You may share links to your social media profiles, websites, and/or any external resources that you have found helpful in working on your online business.

We encourage you to share the things you’re working on, including sharing links to external webpages for the purpose of asking a specific question, asking for feedback, sharing a win, or otherwise seeking support from the community.

However, you are not allowed to share links for promotional purposes, whether for yourself or as an affiliate for someone else.


What is NOT allowed in this Community

Self-Promotion or Affiliate Promotion

While sharing of links is permitted in community posts for the purposes of asking for feedback, celebrating wins, and sharing helpful external resources, it is expressly not permitted to share links that are promotional in nature, either for self-promotion or promotion of affiliate products and services.

Promotional links are any links that take the user to a landing page for an opt-in for a free resource, or which is designed to sell products or services that you provide or are provided by others with which you have an affiliate marketing link.

If you are unsure whether your link is promotional in nature, contact the support team.