Accelerate Your Online Success!

A 5-Day Challenge

Learn the secret of getting your online platform up and running in  2-6 weeks
so that you can generate a steady stream of leads, customers, and income for your business

A 5-Day Virtual Coaching Experience to Build Your Online Business Platform
That Delivers Leads, Sales 
and Online Membership Sites

From the desk of

Dr. Tom Teague
Online Business Coach
Oceanside, CA

Have you been struggling to get your online platform built? 
This should do it.

You may have already spent countless hours and thousands of dollars trying to build a system to consistently generate new customers and sales. Sometimes you’re successful and most of the time you’re not.

The real secret to solving this problem is three-fold:

First, you must have an implementation plan tailored to your business.

It's easier than you think, if you have the right mindset and skills.

Second, you must have a proven approach that really works!

If you’ve been working at this for a while, it may seem overwhelming, complex, and frustrating.

You’re not alone. Many of my clients have felt the same way. (And I did too when I was starting out)

Third, you need an experienced guide and the benefit of multiple perspectives

While it's not impossible to do this all by yourself, it's really difficult and time-consuming. It's better to approach this with some expert guidance and a caring peer community.

You now have the opportunity to learn these secrets in just 5 days! 

and avoid the months and years needed to learn this on your own

If you're ready to learn how to get your online business platform up and running in 2-6 weeks, so that you can start generating a steady stream of leads, customers, and income for your business, then commit to taking this challenge!

Take the "Accelerate Your Online Success" 5-Day Challenge!
$997 Value for ONLY $97

Imagine having a proven system to consistently attract the clients you really want to work with.

These are not just any customers.

They're the ones you love to work with.

They're fun.

AND, you get paid.

I’ve organized a 5-day online business challenge to help you get the results you deserve.

In my experience, one of the biggest problems you may have faced in getting your online platform done is the lack an organized project plan to get it done. 

Why is that?

Well, frankly because many coaches and other thought leader entrepreneurs are not clear about what needs to be done for their online platform and how to do it.

In this 5 day challenge, we’re going to cover a step by step approach
you can use to build your online platform,
without the overwhelm.

I have used this same approach with my clients to get them out of overwhelm, confusion, and wheel-spinning, getting their online platforms up and running in anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks.

How much time, money, and effort have you been spending until now struggling to figure this out on your own?

I have had clients who have spent thousands of dollars and many months of their valuable  time trying to figure it out.

What would it be worth to you to take a short cut? 

Imagine getting clarity about what to do and getting a clear plan in place with just 5 days of focused learning and effort?

AND learning the secrets of this short cut does NOT cost thousands of dollars! 

It just takes a small investment of your time and money to get a handle on your online platform so you can get it done.

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

  • How to put your project plan together to build your online platform.
  • How to have people sign up for your classes, programs, and coaching.
  • Decide which online systems are best to use for your business
  • How to attract the right customers
  • Discover what you need to do next to make progress and get it done

In each of these LIVE, interactive coaching sessions we are going to dive in deep to help you get clarity on what you need to be doing at each step along the way.

It's LIVE and Interactive!

We will spend 90 minutes together each day. About half of this time you will be learning what you need to do, and about half the time you can ask questions as we go along and get on the spot feedback and coaching for what you need to be focusing on along the way.

It's a Community Experience!

One of the biggest problems I’ve heard in talking with other coaches and thought leader entrepreneurs is that it is really difficult to be successful working “all on your own.” Getting some coaching helps you move faster, and having a community to get perspective and feedback on your work is invaluable.

Since this is a live group coaching experience, you will have the opportunity not only to share what you’re doing and get feedback, but you will have the opportunity to learn from others what they are doing in a caring, supportive community. And you will have access to this community after the challenge ends.


  • Monday July 20 to Friday July 24, 2020 (5 days)
  • 1:00 pm PST to 2:30 pm PDT each day. 
  • Need it now?
    Sign up today and watch the recordings from the June 15-19 Challenge right away!


Online Zoom Meeting from the comfort of your own home or office - Zoom link will be sent to you when you register. 

In this era of "safe at home" approaches to combat a deadly disease, this virtual live coaching approach is not only convenient, it is socially responsible.

We've Got You Covered - If you can't make it live, then watch the recordings

The replays will be available so you don’t miss a valuable second of this challenge and you can watch it as many times as needed to get the worksheets and your blueprint done on time.

What You Walk Away With

You will walk away with a clear implementation action plan, with specific details on what you need to do next to build your online platform.

LIMITED TIME BONUS:  Individual Online Business Action Plan Review

When you sign up today you will get a bonus one on one individual coaching session with me to review your forward action plan to ensure the fastest path to accelerate your online success.

  • Review your vision and goals for your online business,
  • Review your implementation plan for alignment with your business goals & vision
  • Discuss fastest path options for achieving online success.
The value of saving months of your time? You tell me:
$ xx,000

The value of live training and group coaching for 5 days $997

Take this challenge, 

Get your online implementation action plan done, and

Get your online business platform up and running in 2-6 weeks,

so that you can start generating a steady stream of leads, customers, and income for your business! 

It's only $97 for all 5 Sessions AND the Individual Action Plan Review

Join us for the 'Accelerate Your Online Success' 5-Day Challenge!

Take the "Accelerate Your Online Success" 5-Day Challenge!
$997 Value for ONLY $97

What You Can Expect

When You Work With Tom

""Our new SDPCA website, re-designed as an online business platform using Kajabi, is a quantum leap for our organization and its potential. Through his work, Tom has positioned our organization for global exposure! Tom is easy to work with, insightful, professional and certainly knows his stuff! "

Sheryl Roush
Past President, San Diego Professional Coaches Allilance

"Tom Teague is the absolute BEST πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸ”₯ Tom has been extraordinarily supportive, helpful, is comprehensive AF, knows his shit in and out and is so generous with his time, skills and heart πŸ’œ he’s the sweetest, most compassionate and giving technology specialist and coach I’ve ever been HAPPY to pay β€” worth every penny!! πŸ’° If your website and technology keep you up at night or are that nagging voice in the back of your head, STOP IT and hire Tom right now!! 🌟"

Ria Yoshida
Sexuality Coach

"Shout out to Tom Teague. I just spent 1 hour with him on Kajabi on how to create a product, an offer, a checkout page, land page, sales page, and how to create automations for emails and tags in the system my group coaching program. Saved me a day maybe 2 trying to figure it out for myself. Thank you Tom Teague I appreciate your value and time. Now I get it."

Soleiman Bolour
Coach, Men's Sacred Sexuality

More about Tom ...

A little about my experience and perspective ...

On the importance of conscious choice ...

Having extensively read the world's spiritual masters, and having written the book Awaken To Choice: An Ungodly Approach to Creating Heaven on Earth! tsynthesize what I learned about human spirituality, I believe that, when all is said and done, we create the lives we choose. The challenge for us as human beings is to become conscious of the choices we are making every day. I believe we can create, design and build the lives we want through conscious choice!

On the importance of interactive, engaging software systems ...

Having been educated with a PhD in Chemical Engineering and having spent over 30 years designing and building interactive software systems for large organizations like Exxon and NASA  I have seen that software systems create value by solving problems for people and organizations. Therefore, we can improve the way we serve others by great software designs!

Observing how entrepreneurs struggle with online software systems ...

As entrepreneurs, we are seeking to consciously create both the lives and businesses we want, and we need to design and build interactive, engaging online software systems to have the broader impact that we want to create in the world!

Having spent the last few years with service-based entrepreneurs (coaches, consultants, professional service providers, authors, speakers, and trainers) in "Internet Marketing Grad School" I have observed that many of us struggle with building online business systems to support our businesses, because no one has been teaching that setting up an online business is like building a custom software system.

Social media, websites and the online business systems they integrate with are, in fact, custom software systems designed to create a user experience to interactively engage with social media and website visitors, nurture and build relationships with them using email messages and online content, produce a steady stream of leads and customers into a sales process, and then deliver your private online expertise and content to your customers.

What can be done about helping entrepreneurs with this?

Service-based entrepreneurs hire me to help them to finally “tame their tech.” We do this by working together to design and build online systems that align with your business goals. Using a series of small achievable projects, we incrementally build only the systems you need that will help you achieve your business goals.

Depending on your needs, I consult, coach and train you using a systematic approach that I call the Online Business Success System.

This is my mission...

I work with coaches, consultants, authors, speakers and trainers to create a positive impact in the world by developing highly-engaging, interactive online software systems that align with and support their business goals.

Let's get started working together! 

Take the "Accelerate Your Online Success" 5-Day Challenge!
$997 Value for ONLY $97

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